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Quantum Capture is a global leader in building high fidelity virtual humans powered by artificial intelligence with a focus on the entertainment, hospitality, customer service and training verticals. Quantum Capture's CTRL-Human platform allows businesses and developers to easily add high-fidelity, interactive virtual humans into their applications to increase engagement, conversion, and operational efficiencies.


Deb McCain Communications is a public relations and publicity company that specializes in strategic brand building and creating awareness in the arts, entertainment, fashion and lifestyle communities. With an unparalleled track-record for generating publicity results and a reputation for smart, strategic thinking and execution, Deb McCain Communications is one of the most sought-after niche publicity firms in Canada.

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Beginning in 2020, Matt co-created and launched 2 podcasts, under the pseudonym Matt McButter:

Beatseeker, co-hosted with Mike Weider, explores the changing world of music technology and discovery. Launched in April 2021, Beatseeker explores the evolution of music discovery tech from the viewpoint of artists, technologists and industry insiders through in-depth discussions.

How to Tickle Yourself, co-hosted with New York Times bestselling author Duff McDonald) is about the nature of reality and the Self. It’s about spirituality, self-realization, and most of all – the joy of being a seeker. How to Tickle Yourself launched in February 2021.



Infonaut was created to solve the global challenge of deadly hospital infections. The company made this possible through a proprietary real-time surveillance, analytics and behavior improvement platform. 

Read more about how we did what we did, or check out this Globe and Mail article about our pioneering work in monitoring outbreaks.


Lightning Platform was established to build a powerful application management system  for software developers. It was built as a cloud-based service to make life easier for programmers so they could focus on what they do best: creating. Social Game Universe was the original game studio that gave birth to the platform. 

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